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Make your event one to remember.

Only the best music

We have a wide variety of music to play at your event, as well as have room to play specific songs you ask for throughout.

Any type of event

Whether you need a DJ for a wedding, birthday party, school dance, or just a celebration of any kind, we will come to you.

Day or evening events

The time of the event does not matter. We are available at any time of day or night to bring music to your party or event.

We provide a feel-good time to any event.

With over two decades of DJ experience at parties and events, you can trust that we will bring you the soundtrack of your memories.

Indoor or outdoor events

Regardless of whether your event is indoors or outside, we have the equipment to bring the music to all of your guests.

Using the best quality music

Giving you the best music, we only use the best quality. Same volume level and clarity through each song.

Our staff will make your event a time to remember

Playing music you choose in addition to the top music surrounding the theme of your party or event, we will give you memories for a lifetime.

Let us take care of all of your DJ needs

We will cover everything, from the music library to equipment, to liven up your event and activate the dance floor.

Take a look at the variety of services we offer

Music makes memories. If you have an event or party that you want music at and have a list of specific songs you 2 want played, we can help with this and an array of other services to make your event even more memorable.


We will provide the soundtrack to your special day and ensure the memorable dances have the songs you picked out and the party rolls on.

Birthday Parties

Make your birthday a bash with a soundtrack that will leave you with lifelong memories.


From a large gala to a small business holiday party, our dj’s will leave an everlasting impression.

Indoor or outdoor

We have tents to have our equipment under if we’re outdoors and weather permits coverage.

Best DJ services for all of your special events

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

With over two decades of experience bringing music to events and parties, we can give you memories to look back on for years.

Meet our team of expert DJs

Here is an overview of the expert DJs we have available for any event to liven up the dance floor and make many memories.

James Kerr

James has been a DJ for the past five years. He loves hosting great parties and happy customers with even greater music.

Kevin Tran

Kevin started making DJ mixes for fun in his garage, but now tours Southern Ontario to play weddings.

Selena Jenkins

Her love for music has led her to hosting some of the best playlists in the area. She brings her knowledge of a wide range of genres and styles.

Matt Kennedy

Matt has the ability to not only offer the best music but also create substantial playlists that for the best outdoor event.

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